What we do

At Uplift Lift Up we provide simplified professional services, practical tools and solutions that aim to promote well-being to the communities we serve.

We care for our clients so we adopt a people focused approach in how we serve our clients through suitable advice and solutions.

We strongly believe that when we have the knowledge and are equipped with the right tools, we have a better chance to make good choices including with our finances, health, careers and our relationships.

We can improve our personal well-being, as well as impact positively the, lives of our loved ones and fully contribute to our communities.

At Uplift Lift Up we want to know YOU and understand your story. Our people focused approach ensures that we offer you personalised tailored solutions in the following areas under OUR SERVICES:


About Mabel

Mabel is passionate about people and making a positive impact in people’s lives. She is keen to partner with people to achieve their goals and full potential.

Through Uplift Lift Up Mabel provides simplified professional services promoting personal development and well-being to her clients. She is keen to use her experience and knowledge to provide her clients with simplified skillsets, practical tools and targeted services.

Mabel has a Legal and Media/Broadcasting background and has strong Contracting Advisory experience. Mabel is keen to apply her experiences to uplift her clients to realise their full potential and to impact communities.

Mabel volunteers her time with charitable organisations particularly former refugee and migrants. She is also involved in various community engagement projects and creative projects particularly with young artists.

Mabel loves to explore the outdoors, travelling and spending time with her husband and children, family and friends.

After School Activities

From designing and creating wearable art from recycled materials, making tie dye designs from natural products in the pantry, learning about and operating different types of machinery, it is such great fun to see the creative juices flowing and to learn from each other.