Uplift Creatives (formerly Afterschool Creatives) was founded in 2012.

When my children were in primary school, smart phones and tablets were becoming the popular trend, I was really keen for my children to explore their creativity in other ways.

We would hang out after school to engage their creative side. We would innovate, invent, create, reuse and recycle different objects and materials.

What started as a hang out with my children, extended to a few friends and quickly developed into Afterschool Creative.

From designing and creating wearable art from recycled materials to making tie dye designs from natural products in the pantry, to learning about and operating different types of machinery, it was such great fun to see the creative juices flowing and to learn from each other.

Since then, Uplift Creatives has blossomed into promoting different types of Artists and their work.

It still gives me such a buzz to see people learn from one another.

We are also particularly interested in promoting Artists from a former Refugee and Migrant background.

We are also always looking out for Sponsorships to support programmes promoting our up and coming Artists.

Here are some of our Past Events and some of our artists creations.

African Fashion Festival - 16 March 2021 - 21 March 2021