Uprooting oneself from one country to another can be a challenge. To leave the familiar and step into the unknown can be daunting.
The general assumption is that once a Migrant lands in the “land of opportunity”, their troubles are over. From my own experience and what I have observed of others, this is far from the case.

We know that many migrants are faced with a myriad of different challenges as they settle in a new country and culture. We can totally relate. We have been there ourselves and continue to navigate this journey.

We provide simplified and holistic services to assist you to settle in as smoothly and as quickly as possible and to integrate.

Using our own experience and knowledge, it is our passion to help you to bridge the gap and provide you, our clients with a simplified Toolkit 101 designed to provide practical tools and targeted services.

We promote well-being through enriching and empowering workshops, seminars, presentations and one on one sessions to help you navigate your settlement process.

We provide enriching and empowering workshops in the following areas:

Uplifting you so you can up lift others

We want you to live your fullest best life. Together we improve our well-being and contribute fully to our communities